GoPay will be 'out' soon from Go-Jek app

GoPay will soon be 'signed out' of the Go-Jek app for universal payments online and offline. Founder and CEO of Go-Jek, Nadiem Makarim, announces that Gopay will be used to make payments outside of Go-Jek service, not only to pay for various services within the Go-Jek as it has been done.

Tinuku GoPay will be 'out' soon from Go-Jek app

The largest ride-sharing company in Southeast Asia has been using GoPay for payment services and will expand its non-cash payment service for use on e-commerce or other online sites. Gopay will also be used to pay in offline stores.

"In the next 3-6 months, Gopay will exit the Go-Jek app and will be used for both online and offline payments. In ecommerce it is clear, but do not forget that Go-Jek has the largest offline merchant network," said Makarim on Tuesday.

Makarim does not say in detail the partnership in doing so, but he says GoPay can also be used to buy in app stores like the Play Store and Apple App Store that make user transactions faster, easier, convenient and efficient.

Non-cash payments have a market share of 70 percent of Indonesians who do not have access to traditional banks. This means an open opportunity of 175 million people using this service. Currently the fintech startups continues to expand their services and product campaigns.

Makarim says at least 50 percent of Go-Jek's financial transactions are using GoPay that the company has managed to change people's lifestyles, although GoPay's 'second wave' will be more challenging than the first wave.