Gogoro and Sumitomo collaborate on GoShare brand in Japan

Gogoro will expand its business to Japan using the brand 'GoShare' in collaboration with Sumitomo Corporation. A Taiwan-based urban electric scooter-sharing startup established in 2015 has started a pilot program on Ishigaki island launched later this year and soon expanded service throughout Japan by 2018.

Tinuku Gogoro and Sumitomo collaborate on GoShare brand in Japan

Gogoro and Gogoro Energy Network are partnering with business conglomerate Sumitomo to launch services under the brand new 'GoShare' in Japan later this year. Last year they also expanded service in Berlin and this summer in Paris.

The first attempt in Japan was initiated by a pilot program on the island of Ishigaki, southern Japan, and then progressed to other cities by 2018. GoShare is an efficient transit solution and Gogoro Energy Network also has potential as a station for future car batteries.

"I am pleased that Sumitomo Corporation began collaborating with technological innovators like Gogoro to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles," said Masaki Nakajima, executive officer of Sumitomo Corporation.

"The opportunity to expand Gogoro's smart energy systems for vehicles and other applications is a very important step," Nakajima said.

Gogoro and Sumitomo did not explain how much investment, how many scooters will come to Japan, how fast it will progress to other areas, and the launch date. Rapid and eco-friendly private transportation has been a concern in the archipelago's metropolitan cities.