Growpal offers marine fish farms investment for 35% margin presents the marine investment platorm in the world's largest maritime country with margin of more than 35%. Fishtech startup based in Surabaya, established in January 2017, connects investors who have funds and fish farmers who need capital across the coastal areas of Indonesia.

Tinuku Growpal offers marine fish farms investment for 35% margin

"We present return on investment (ROI) more than 35 percent. This is fishery for export commodities. We calculated what the price of a grouper after entering the restaurant. Fisheries are the real sector and profit margins are very potential," said Co-Founder and CPO Growpal, Paundra Noorbaskoro.

Noorbaskoro said the potential of marine fisheries in Indonesia is very large and Growpal was established to look at capital problems in many fish farmers. They generally only have ponds and do not have adequate capital resources.

"I see the potential of fisheries is great. A shrimp seed is only Rp40. Later when it's harvested within four months, a shrimp will be Rp3.000. There are so many margins, but fish farmers do not have access to capital," Paundra said.

Growpal has two investment options are Crowd Investing and Premium Investment. Crowd Investing, a pond is used by many investors with funds ranging from Rp100,000, while Premium Investment is a larger investment fund in which an investor controls a pond.

Growpal is one of the startup of fish farming business that operates in Indonesia. Some similar startups are IWAK that connects investors with freshwater fish farming families and eFishery that provides automatic fish feeding technology.

Paundra said Growpal is currently still focusing on developing marine fishery products such as shrimp, grouper and pearl. The company still has limited labor and land to meet the demand from the export market. Currently Growpal already has partner suppliers and exporters of fish and shrimp.

"Currently the supply is still under demand, so we are not looking for buyers, but we do auditions to choose the best price. At harvest time, we do not wait to sell. Cash and carry. Investors also do not wait to cash out. Their digital balance is increasing automatically," Paundra said.

Paundra said that Growpal picked up 15% of total sales. The rest, 35% profit for fish farmers and 55% for investors. The company also provides a money back guarantee for Premium Investment if it fails to harvest.