Honda Urban EV Concept launched at Frankfurt

Honda Urban EV Concept launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017. The giant headquartered in Minato carries the concept of a futuristic EV car covering modern interiors for urban mobility built on an entirely new platform and determining the direction of company technology scheduled to enter mass production by 2019.

Tinuku Honda Urban EV Concept launched at Frankfurt

"This is not a vision of the long future, the production version of this car will be present in Europe by 2019," said President and CEO of Honda Motor Co., Takahiro Hachigo.

Honda Urban EV Concept features advanced technology in a simple and sophisticated design. The proportion to the low and wide ground gives the car a sporty performance. The compact proportion means it has a vehicle length of 100mm shorter than the Jazz model.

The Honda emblem is light blue to showcase the company's new future styling features for EVs. At the front of the car, interactive multilingual messages appear between the headlights, including messages for other drivers on the road or update the charging status. Honda Urban EV Concept launched at Frankfurt

Thin pillars and wide glass to maximize visibility. In and out of the vehicle through the rear hinged door and the connection charging cable connection is installed in the bonnet. Urban Honda's EV Concept accommodates four passengers in two different seats.

Concepts showcase the company's vision for a world where mobility and everyday life are connected. The Honda Automated Network Assistant on-board acts as a personal concierge to detect user emotions, new choices and recommendations.