Investree and Bareksa licensed to sell Indonesia's government securities

The Government of Indonesia appointed two startup fintech to market Indonesia's Government Securities (SBN). Ministry of Finance on Tuesday appointed and as participants of the Pilot Project of SBN sales system development for retail investors online. The startup fintech will earn fee-based income and make access to these investment instruments easier.

Tinuku Investree and Bareksa licensed to sell Indonesia's government securities

Ministry of Finance of Indonesia appointed two fintech to sell sovereign debt instruments. Investree is a peer to peer (P2P) lending platform, while Bareksa is a marketplace platform for financial products. Both startups are licensed to market SBN to online investors scheduled to be launched in 2018.

"The rapid development of information technology must be utilized by the government to extend the reach of SBN investor base," said Robert Pakpahan, Director General of Financing and Risk Management at the Ministry of Finance.

SBN is a debt issued by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia where the investor will get a certain amount of interest called a coupon paid every month. Investment is also safe because it is guaranteed directly by the government. In case of default, there will usually be a guaranteed government asset.

"SBN is an alternative for users who want to invest in safe and long term assets. Our company also obtained fee-based income from the sale of this product," said Investree CEO, Adrian Gunadi.

Gunadi said Investree will guarantee all easy mechanisms for users using the same know-how process for users wanting to invest via the P2P lending platform. Investree plans to provide a special page on their platform.