Tata Motors's Jaguar Land Rover moves to EV and hybrid by 2020

All models of the car by Jaguar Land Rover will have a choice of electric and hybrid versions by 2020. The British vehicle brand owned by Tata Motors said on Thursday about a move to speed up plans and move models to stay updated in meeting growing market needs transformative.

Tinuku Tata Motors's Jaguar Land Rover moves to EV and hybrid by 2020

Demand for electric models continued to rise rapidly and in July Britain said it would ban the sale of new gasoline and diesel cars by 2040 and the Scottish Government by 2032 to reduce pollution. Similar plans have also been endorsed by France, Germany and cities such as Madrid, Mexico City and Athens.

Automakers continue to compete to deliver electric vehicles such as Tesla which launches the latest Tesla Model 3 product, Volvo which stopped production of fossil fuel engines in 2018 and Nissan, which launched the latest version of Leaf on Wednesday.

"We will introduce a portfolio of electrical products across our entire line of models, including fully electrics, plug-in hybrids and mild hybrid vehicles," said Chief Executive Ralf Speth.

Jaguar Land Rover introduces first electric car in late 2016 will build I-PACE in Austria. The company is also worried about producing in the UK as a result of Brexit where car exports will be subject to customs tariffs up to 10 percent.