Jaguar Future-Type Concept features smart Sayer

Jaguar Land Rover introduces the Jaguar Future-Type Concept using EV self-driving technology for the 2040's. The British automotive giant demonstrates a fully electric, connected, autonomous, artificial intelligence, and more social seating layout to encourage conversation among passengers.

Tinuku Jaguar Future-Type Concept features smart Sayer

Steering wheel called 'Sayer' equipped artificial intelligence and become a companion for the owner. 'Sayer' is enabled using sounds that will be capable of performing hundreds of everyday tasks that offer a sole proprietorship or option to share cars with others in the community.

"Future-Type offers an insight into the potential for driving and car ownership in the future. it’s part of our vision for how a luxury car brand could continue to be desirable, in a more digital and autonomous age," said Jaguar's Design Director, Ian Callum.

"Our future-type concept is an advanced research project looking at how we can ensure an on-demand jaguar will appeal to customers in 2040 and beyond"

"Whether it’s commuting to work, autonomously collecting children from school or enjoying driving yourself on the weekend in the countryside, if there’s a choice of on-demand cars driving around city streets, We need to ensure customers desire our 24/7 service over our competitors."