Kalashnikov build all-electric flying car

Kalashnikov Group introduced electric-powered flying cars. The AK-47 iconic machine gun maker on Monday showed an unnamed prototype. Design of hybrid drones, quadcopter and hoverbike as flying cars. The rotor fused in the frame, joystick, and some batteries under the rider.

Tinuku Kalashnikov build all-electric flying car

Russian defense producer, Kalashnikov Concern, has launched what might be the next Russian military equipment. An all-electric flying car is powered by a series of rotors that have applications covering scouting, communication, and other tasks.

The device has been tested in a Rostec hangar in Russia. Kalovnikov Concern's hoverbike has been unveiled in a video that essentially displays the vehicle's exoskeleton. Without a gasoline or diesel engine, the battery appears to be under the rider.

The flying car combines several rotors, has a seat and maneuvered through the use of a joystick. Still not clear everything, the video shows in the end a shell that adds curvilinear look into it.