Magna unveils MAX4 self-driving platform for all vehicle types

Magna International builds the MAX4 self-driving platform that offers autonomy right up to Level 4. Automotive industry suppliers headquartered in Aurora unveil a fully autonomous vehicle platform or without the need for human intervention and be applicable to all car designs or appearances.

Tinuku Magna unveils MAX4 self-driving platform for all vehicle types

The MAX4 platform is introduced on the Jeep Grand Cherokee using input from camera, radar, ultrasonic and LiDAR sensors combined with onboard computing systems. The system can be applied to any type of vehicle and without changing the exterior and interior.

"The platform consists of several enabler subsystems, such as radar, LiDAR, cameras, computing platforms, etc. All these enablers are ready or almost ready for production," said Magna CTO, Swamy Kotagiri.

MAX4 also accommodates the user experience for easy control where users can activate and deactivate the system or apply the brake pedal manually just by pressing a button.

Magna recently used a Level 3 self-driving driver to make the first North American border crossing on a 300-mile trip across the U.S. and Canada where vehicles use autonomous mode for 92 percent of travel. MAX4 is able to navigate urban and highway.