Mayapada Group said it would use bitcoin

The wealthy Indonesian conglomerate and businessman, Dato Sri Tahir, will use blockchain technology and bitcoin payments for the company. Mayapada Group's owner said the use of cryptocurrency will facilitate the process of buying and selling transactions, especially online.

Tinuku Mayapada Group said it would use bitcoin

Mayapada Group on Wednesday formally said it will use blockhain technology and virtual currency. The company said it was important to follow the development of the digital era, especially in the financial field.

Bitcoin will be used first on Topas TV as a subsidiary of Mayapada which operates a subscription television service. Mayapada Group started from the textile business in 1986 and now has dozens of large companies.

"Bitcoin is able to accelerate payment activities, free of administrative costs and potentially become the digital money of the future," said Topas TV management.

Tahir (65) is one of Indonesia's billionaires who has the main business of Mayapada Bank and the first Asian person to be a member of the University of California (UC) Berkeley trustee. He is also a philanthropist through the Tahir Foundation.