Mercedes-Benz EQ A to the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

Mercedes-Benz showcased the concept of electric cars at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017. The auto manufacturer headquartered in Stuttgart is ready to show the latest concept in the electric car segment for entry level market. The first debut of Mercedes-Benz EQ A in mid-September 2017 is a brand new that will represent a row of electric cars in their Generation EQ family.

Tinuku Mercedes-Benz EQ A to the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

A teaser shows the grille emitting light as its trademark, including the Mercedes-Benz logo in the center and the attractive headlights. Earlier reports said the concept was hatchback for five passengers.

The company has confirmed EQ models, including entry-level production at the Rastatt factory where EQ A will be the first and will enter the market at least in 2019. EQ A is designed to compete with BMW i3 and Volkswagen I.D.

This car uses a single electric motor to drive the front wheels, but the company will probably also launch a more powerful type by adding an electric motor in the rear. The price is estimated at 38,200 euros and hopes to be the best-selling electric car.