Muherz's Cubiio laser-based makes you instant engraver

Cubiio will make you an instant carver. Taiwan-based startup, Muherz, develops laser devices for general users to carve on wood, leather, paper, cookies and more. A professor and several students for a year as the initiator of the future of DIY sculpture is bringing the intelligent device into mass production to Kickstarter.

Tinuku Muherz's Cubiio laser-based makes you instant engraver

Muherz develops Cubiio is a cube-shaped device for use in carving images stored on memory cards onto leather, paper, wood, and even food. Hung Shao-kang and students from National Chiao Tung University developed the device for a year ago.

"From the beginning, we wanted to design as a product that the general public could use," Shao-kang said.

Cubiio uses two electrically controlled mirrors to guide the direction and movement of the laser beam. The light blade works on a convex or concave surface where the objects to be engraved are placed 15-16 cm (5.9-6.2 inches) from the laser source.

The smart device is set to ship to crowdfunding supporters in March 2018. Shao-kang says users can send pictures to carve directly to devices using the iOS 10+ or Android 4.4+ app on their phones.

Cubiio consists of a semiconductor laser source and two current-driven mirrors to bend laser light along the X and Y axes. The embedded CPU translates the sketch into digital commands to specifically tilt the mirror.

Spot focused lasers will be projected onto the target surface along the path designed in such a mechanism called "galvanometer". Muherz specifically developed an algorithm to offset distortion in portable and affordable Cubiio products.