New Nissan Leaf EV for $29,000 and 300 miles

Nissan Motor Co Ltd is targeting global sales of more than 90,000 new Leaf units per year. The Yokohama giant will go further and cheaper with a range of over 300 miles using 60 kWh battery. The new leaf launched on Wednesday will go on sale in Japan on October 2 at 3.15 million yen (US$28,992) and worldwide early next year.

Tinuku New Nissan Leaf EV for $29,000 and 300 miles

Nissan launched the latest version of Leaf as the world's best-selling electric vehicle. The sporty facelift design and the Japanese version is packed with the latest automatic functions including single-lane highways and self-parking capabilities, along with combined and "e-pedal" brakes.

"If successful, Leaf will be a major part of Nissan's portfolio. EVs will no longer be a niche product," said Chief Executive Hiroto Saikawa.

The car will continue to use lithium-ion batteries from Automotive Energy Supply Corp. Nissan is one of the first car manufacturers to sell EV vehicles in 2010 with the first Leaf which is the best-selling all-battery car in the world.

Leaf's main competitors are Tesla Model 3 and Chevrolet Bolt with mileage over 200 miles. Brian Maragno, director of marketing of electric vehicles for Nissan in the U.S., said the 2018 Leaf will start at US$29,990 before the federal tax. Bolt, in comparison, starts at US$36.620 and Model 3 at US$35,000.