Nissan considering future EV crossover model

Nissan Motor Co. on Thursday said it would consider producing an electric car crossover model in the near future to welcome growing demand for electric vehicles (EVs). The giant headquartered in Yokohaman announced at the launch of Nissan Leaf, but declined to explain the time and model to be used.

Tinuku Nissan considering future EV crossover model

"We may have an EV crossover in the future. This is really logical for us, given the EV experience we've ever had to see this technology into a crossover," said Daniele Schillaci, Nissan's global sales head.

Nissan launches second generation Nissan Leaf electric car that will compete directly with Tesla. The car is available in Japan next month, then in the United States and Canada in January 2018. In Japan, Nissan Leaf sold for 3.15 million yen (US$28,992).

The second-generation Leaf has 300 mile mileage and comes after the manufacturer Tesla launches Model 3 for US$35,000. General Motors also owns Bolt's electric car which was released last year for US$37,000. Schillaci said Nissan is looking for ways to expand new markets for transformative technology.