Oorth.id launched to compete Facebook and PayPal

Oorth beta version was launched to compete Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and PayPal. A start-up headquartered in Surakarta launches a social media app and will play in local and international markets. Three founders say the new app will disturb the big names of some social media and wallet that already exist.

Tinuku Oorth.id launched to compete Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp

The three founders were Krishna Adityangga, Mulyono Herman and Dewanggono Mulyo said Oorth was designed to fill some community needs and social movements. The beta app is downloaded through the website www.oorth.id and installed by opening the file manager then clicking install option.

"Oorth will compete other well-known apps like Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp," Adityangga said on Sunday.

This application provides four main features are Chat, Stream, Donate and Digital Wallet. These four will maximize communication through the Chat feature, access the latest news and information through Stream feature, respond to the needs of the community transact through Donation and Digital Wallet features.

"We hope the public recognizes Oorth in this beta version, users will get to know the app in its basic function and in the near future they can download in Google Playstore feature," said Adityangga.

Adityangga said the application provides convenience in transparent and realtime transactions through the Digital Wallet feature, facilitating the livelihoods of social activities within the community, such as donation raising and social campaigning through Donation features.

The founders say an ambition that the use of the Oorth name is defined as a merger of galaxies and company representations aimed at mastering the local and global markets of the future.