PasarPolis partnered with Indonesian state-owned insurance

PasarPolis and Indonesia's Employees Social Security System or BPJS employment collaborate for registration and payment access. Startup Insurtech announced on Thursday that it has signed a partnership with an Indonesian state-owned insurance company to provide online registration and payment access.

Tinuku PasarPolis partnered with Indonesian state-owned insurance is a startup platform for insurance marketplace, while BPJS is an Indonesian state-owned insurance company. This cooperation allows individual users or companies to register themselves as insurance members through the PasarPolis platform and no need to visit the BPJS office.

"Currently PasarPolis has partnered with over thirty insurance companies for more than a hundred products. This partnership further adds to the number of platform portfolios," said founder and CEO of PasarPolis, Cleosent Randing.

PasarPolis was established in March 2015 as one of the active insurance product comparison services in Indonesia. These startup compete with other platforms are and which was established in May 2017.

Previous BPJS also partnered with Tokopedia for online payment channels. The employment insurance targets to collect 80% of formal sector workers and 15% of non-formal workers. Until this year, BPJS Employment has collected 18.5 million new users.