Proterra electric bus reach 1,100 miles in single charge

Proterra Inc's electric buses cover range of 1,100 miles in just single charge. Buses and electric trucks maker headquartered in Burlingame built the Catalyst E2 Max 40 feet long (12.19 meters) to travel 1,101.2 miles (1,772.21 km) at low speeds without recharging. A new record of new electric vehicles on Tuesday using technology at competitive prices.

Tinuku Proterra electric bus reach 1,100 miles in single charge

The Catalyst E2 Max Bus by Proterra Inc. is sold more expensive than regular diesel buses, but has cheaper operational costs. The 660kWh battery requires more power and wider cargo capacity, but Proterra says it is much lighter, even with full passengers.

Proterra collaborated with LG Chem Ltd. to develop batteries and sold 190 buses last year. They also developed a high speed charging system for buses, although using a high voltage system and it took at least an hour to fully charge.

"Driven by the best cost-per-mile savings, we believe businesses for heavy-duty electric buses are superior to all other applications, and the transit market will be the first to switch completely to battery-powered vehicles," said Proterra CEO Ryan Popple.

Other electric buses such as BYD and Daimler recently announced plans to supply short-haul electric trucks to UPS, while Cummins, Tesla and Wrightspeed are working on electric trucks. Toyota, Nikola and Bosch plan to hydrogen fuel cells over long distances.