Boy Thohir invests in

Boy Thohir invests into with unspecified money value. Adaro Energy's President Director and CEO, Garibaldi Boy Thohir, is now one of the new investors at Raja Mobil Media who operates as a marketplace site for buying and selling vehicles. Previous investors were Erick Thohir and TP Rachmat, owner of Triputra Group.

Tinuku Boy Thohir invests in

"One of the divisions in the Thohir Holdings group is automotive, the Wahana Artha group under Thohir Holdings where will play a role," Boy Thohir said in a statement on Friday. was established in 2012 as an automotive site and began in 2015 to develop into a marketplace platform for buying and selling vehicles to help consumers conduct new car research, specifications, pricing and find deals that are considered best suited for the consumers of site visitors.

In the past year, contributed new car sales of more than 1,000 units or about 0.1 percent of total car sales in Indonesia. The average price of cars sold on the platform is around Rp200 million (US$15,000) or sales of more than Rp200 billion (US$15 million) in a one-year period.