Renault Symbioz connects cars and homes as symbiotic unity

Renault introduced the Symbioz vision car as a complete home and mobility symbiosis concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week. Renault Symbioz is an electric and autonomous car that is modular and multi-purpose design to serve wirelessly connected modern activities like many home appliances today.

Tinuku Renault Symbioz connects cars and homes as symbiotic unity

The futuristic car implements contemporary architecture in materials of steel, copper, marble, porcelain, wood and fabrics. The interior of the wooden room has four seats that can be rotated to face each other. Renault showed the concept car as a presentation connected between the car and home in everyday environment.

"We had to adapt the way we worked to take account of an aspect that was completely new to us: the presence of a car in a domestic setting! This meant placing particular emphasis on how the car is perceived, the way people feel on seeing it for the first time," said Stéphane Janin, Head of Renault's Concept Car Design.

"This objective is reflected, for example, in the soft curves and colors and the significant transparency of the windows. Copper was a logical choice for the body because it's a soft shade to look at. It makes you think of a domestic setting rather than a 'machine'. The crystal finish of the glazing adds a sense of serenity to the cabin," Janin said.

"To bring the home into the car in a clearly visible way, our first step was to match colors and materials. Hence the choice of copper for the exterior, as we said, but also grey with touches of blue for the interior. These colors are fairly standard in modern, uncluttered homes, a sort of 'Scandinavian' approach, you might say, that is very eloquent," Janin said.

Vehicles and homes interact with each other where the ground floor of the house will lift the car to the roof as a car garage, so users can enjoy the surrounding scenery. When the lift is raised it will create an additional living room on the ground floor.

The wireless connection between car and home remains constant, so it continues to function when it allows users to access music, social media, and cloud storage systems at all times. If someone rang the doorbell of the home, the dashboard displays the face and passengers can give access from a distance.

"I would like to see the body style of SYMBIOZ. I like the idea of a low-set, elegant MPV. Thanks to our innovations in the design of the superstructure and glazed area, it has a vast cabin bathed in light. We are looking at the family car of the future, a car with contemporary edge, immediately identifiable as a Renault," said Janin.

Renault Symbioz is expected to enter production by 2023. The vehicles are powered by rechargeable batteries within minutes. Users also have the option of switching to an autonomous drive system where the steering wheel and pedal will fold as the aesthetic unity of the family room.