SK Innovation launches NCM 811 battery

SK Innovation has launched the advanced battery of NCM 811. Technology giant headquartered in Seoul, SK Group, said it has produced the world's first commercial medium-sized and large-sized NCM 811 battery to supply energy storage systems to install in electric vehicles with a range of up to 700 kilometers in December this year.

Tinuku SK Innovation launches NCM 811 battery

SK Innovation is the first in the world to succeed in the commercial production of advanced NCM 622 batteries and in May they announced to focus on developing more sophisticated NCM 811 batteries to meet growing demand in longer-haul and cheaper electric car industries.

The company raised the proportion of lithium-ion nickel for the NCM 811 to extend the range of electric vehicles over 100 kilometers compared to current batteries. In addition, higher use of nickel will help reduce costs where prices for other cathode materials such as cobalt are increasing,

Technology uses ceramic tiles to improve better stability where the main problem of lithium-ion batteries that have higher nickel proportions is overheating. However, SK Innovation's cutting-edge technology provides a solution to this problem.

"SK Innovation proves a top-class excellence in battery manufacturing, successfully producing and commercializing NCM 622 and NCM 811 batteries for the first time in the world," said Lee Jon-ha of SK battery research center.

"The NCC 811 battery will help expand the reach of electric cars by up to 500 kilometers and we will also develop new batteries for coverage of more than 700 kilometers by 2020," the company said.

The company, founded in 1953, pledged to invest more in the battery business as a company strategy in the electric car market that accounts for about 40 percent of the cost of producing environmentally friendly cars. The global battery market share is projected to grow more than 10-fold in the coming decade.