Simbah app to connect farmers and buyers directly links farmers and buyers of agricultural crops. A new agricultural startup headquartered in Yogyakarta bring information to farmers to improve productivity, recommend what crops are suitable to be planted in certain areas and direct sales service to consumers.

Tinuku Simbah app to connect farmers and buyers directly

Simbah presents a mobile platform that provides farmers with information to increase agricultural production and sell their crops. Startup established by Mujiyanto presents services that can help the sale of crops from farmers directly to consumers.

Mobile applications provide farmers with information to increase productivity and recommend what plants are suitable for planting in certain areas. Mujiyanto said he will develop artificial intelligence technology and machine learning to support more efficient applications.

"Right now, our challenge is to recruit as many farmers as possible. We chose a young farmers in each farmer groups who will educate other farmers, "said Mujiyanto.

Mujiyanto said that currently Simbah has seven employees to facilitate about one hundred agricultural transactions for chili, onion and rice products. Simbah targets farmers' market share and services in 400 villages throughout Indonesia.

Mujiyanto said the service provides the needs and agricultural products that compete in terms of price, rely on supply, and good quality with business to business (B2B) target market. Simbah will compete with similar startups in Indonesia such as iGrow and Sikumis.