Taxify compete Uber in London and Paris markets

Taxify and Uber will compete head to head in the highly competitive taxi market in London and then Paris. Estonian start-up headquartered in Tallinn said it would launch services across London on Tuesday after registering 3,000 privately-checked drivers to ensure it meets local licensing requirements.

Tinuku Taxify compete Uber in London and Paris markets

Taxify made a big step to hold the market of ride-sharing services in Western Europe. The company founded by Markus Villig in 2013 is growing very fast and has been present in several cities in central and eastern Europe, Africa and Mexico.

Taxify's arrival in London is the latest attempt to dominate the bustling markets that city taxi drivers, private rental taxi companies like Addison Lee, Uber ride-hailing apps, Gett and Hailo. Uber already has 40,000 drivers, 3 million users and 1 million trips per week in London.

The company said on Monday it would charge only 15 percent of commissions for trips ordered through an online platform in London, where Uber takes 20-25 percent. Taxify also said it would receive cash and electronic payments from customers.

"We will always be cheaper than Uber," Villig said.

Taxify started business in the markets of major cities of central and eastern Europe and last year expanded into some of the largest cities in Africa where Villig said the company would soon follow Uber's dominance by the end of 2017.

Taxify has full support by Didi Chuxing is China's largest ride-sharing service and has undertaken a series of expansions in Southeast Asia through Grab, America, Europe, Middle East through Careem and Africa.

"Ride sharing has been monopolized by Uber. Now it is increasingly clear that in most markets there will be major competitors," Villig said.