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Tesla files patent for rapid battery swap technology

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Tesla holds patents for rapid battery-exchange technology. Tesla Inc. has acquired a patent called Electric Energy Storage System (EESS) is a technology on how to charge a battery that has been used with a new battery or refil system. This technology was built by Tesla to compete traditional gas stations.

Tinuku Tesla files patent for rapid battery swap technology

The new patent includes a 52 page image detailing the operation of the system including a vehicle lifting system using two hydraulic pillars to replace the battery. This patent was filed in May as an option that allows the technician to complete the battery replacement in less than 15 minutes.

The system is installed in the workshop or integrated into a moving rig. The electric car will go to the ramp to the elevator where the technician will then operate the machine to exchange the package. Tesla says the battery swapping program will support Model S, Model X and commercial vehicles such as electric truck platforms. Tesla files patent for rapid battery swap technology

Tesla in July 2016 built a sustainable energy ecosystem that includes all electric vehicles that are all powered by integrated solar and battery systems. The concept will have a high market and companies are trying to meet increasingly stringent emission regulations.


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