Tripal serve authentic locals guide-hailing platform to explore Indonesia

Tripal brings direct guide service from local people in Indonesia. A guide-hailing marketplace startup founded by Kevin Wu, Roy Wu, Budiman Goh and Santo Soetarmin on May 19, 2017 serves nature and cultural tour guides unable to reach by Google and a vacation without the need to follow packages by travel agents.

Tinuku Tripal serve authentic locals guide-hailing platform to explore Indonesia

Tripal is a local tour guide marketplace platform that leverages local knowledge and network as a resource in the midst of intense travel industry competition. Startup recruits locals to serve travelers exploring Indonesia's natural, cultural and culinary resources.

"Google is filled with new stores created by young people who understand about search engines. While the best exotic products or tourist locations of an area are still managed conservatively and do not appear on search pages," said Kevin Wu, in a statement.

Wu said many people came to Indonesia but did not want to take travel packages by travel agents. They are not comfortable to travel with others they do not know. Some of them try to organize their own trips online, but instead find online travel sites and bring air and hotel ticketing services.

"The name Tripal consists of the word 'Trip' which means travel, and 'Pal' which means friend," Wu said.

Until today Tripal already has 100 Pal (local people) in 17 provinces across Indonesia and 1000 registered service users. Tripal charge a transaction fee of 18% percent to users. That way, the locals receive clean money and will not be exposed to any deductions.

So far, startup has had about ten employees who are mostly developers and salespeople. Wu said the current operating costs are still using personal money. The main challenge is to recruit as many locals as possible to join Pal in the Tripal platform.

"We are currently focusing on technology development, so we have not started marketing activities yet," Wu said.

In Indonesia has operated several startups that developed similar services, such as Tripvisto, Traveloka and Airbnb. But Wu says Tripal's advantage is the authentic knowledge and local network that is hard to reach by global competitors.