Williams launches FW-EVX electric car chassis platform

Williams Grand Prix Engineering Limited introduced the electric car platform named FW-EVX inspired F1. Williams Advanced Engineering is the technology division of the Formula 1 Williams team getting more serious on the electric car business. The company is headquartered in Wantage and is well known in Formula One introducing chassis platform for lightweight electric cars.

Tinuku Williams launches FW-EVX electric car chassis platform

Williams has for years been involved in a jetland racetrack and some engineering work for major car companies, but in recent years has also played a role in Formula E. They are building battery packs and have a supply contract for Formula E.

Technological developments have prompted them to move deeper into the electric vehicle business and raised US$125 million to build an EV battery factory in the UK, where they will build battery packs for Aston Martin.

Further plans are a service to build other electric vehicles and have launched a new lightweight EV platform concept called the FW-EVX. The design features are just as popularized by Tesla which has been the standard for EVs over the past few years.

"Efficiency is always at the core of Williams, whether in Formula One or a project for Williams Advanced Engineering customers. This technology is how to create an integrated lightweight chassis and powertrain package," said Williams Advanced Engineering Technical Director. Paul McNamara.

"Integration has the potential to increase the competitiveness of next generation electric vehicles by making EV more attractive to consumers, we can help accelerate the adoption and quality benefits of the environment," McNamara said.

The company said several innovations in the design of battery packs, cooling systems and light structures each of which has been integrated into a single and scalable platform. The fiber-reinforced suspension components for EV platforms and create exoskeleton to contribute to structural performance.

"This new concept represents a new direction for Williams' advanced engineering business, transitioning from internal combustion engines to an electric future and looking to facilitate as a supplier," said Williams Advanced Engineering Managing Director. Craig Wilson.