Alphabet Inc. set up the XXVI Holdings Inc

Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) has completed the establishment of XXVI Holdings Inc. The technology giant headquartered in Mountain View formed a new company designed to separate from Google with the same parent is Alphabet Inc. This legal step is part of the company's evolution process to distribute authority and rights into each operation and to keep from interfering with each other.

Tinuku Alphabet Inc. set up the XXVI Holdings Inc

"The establishment of XXVI Holdings Inc. enables Alphabet and Google to operate more efficiently, economically, and transparently.The company will concentrate on generating revenue," the company said.

Larry Page announced the formation of Alphabet two years ago to encourage new businesses that operate independently from Google. These new business units become the legal ground where Google has changed from a company to a limited liability company or LLC.

Alphabet spokeswoman Gina Weakley Johnson said the reorganization would not change the way in paying taxes. This transition is related to the transformation of Google from a publicly listed company into a business owned by the parent company to prevent problems in one business unit from spreading to the other.

"We are updating our corporate structure to implement the changes we announce with Alphabet creation in 2015," Johnson said.

Johnson said the reorganization process is a legal formality and will not affect shareholder control, operations, management or shareholder personnel in the company. Last year's report said Google accounted for 99 percent of Alphabet's revenue in the last quarter.