Xin Guobin: 2025 is critical for automakers to switch to electric vehicles

Deputy minister at China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Xin Guobin, said 2025 is the most critical period for fossil-fueled vehicles switching to electric vehicles. China says the car industry should soon be adapted in 2025 and tough times for traditional-engined car manufacturers.

Tinuku Xin Guobin 2025 is critical year for automakers to switch to electric vehicles

High officials do not provide details of the year when China as the world's largest car market will begin to impose a ban on production and sales of gasoline and diesel vehicles. But the country will follow the steps taken by UK and France that have officially announced.

"Some countries have made timelines to stop production and sales of traditional cars, the ministry has also begun research and will create a timeline that will bring a big change to the development of our car industry," Guobin said on Saturday.

Guobin said the auto industry in China will face "turbulent times" for years until 2025 to switch to environmentally friendly vehicles and ask car makers in the country to adjust and adapt their strategies.

China has struggled to cope with the increasingly choking air pollution of major cities in the country and the worse environment gets worse. The banning of sales of gasoline and diesel-powered cars will have a significant impact on oil demand in China as the world's second largest consumer.

Senior Chinese finance ministry official Song Qiuling said on Saturday that government subsidies would be diverted to accelerate the formation of credit accumulation policies to support the electric car industry.