Airbnb and WeWork collaborate on corporate travel services

Airbnb Inc. conducts tests for business travel features. The San Francisco-based search tool platform tests new features for users traveling on business. The company partnered with WeWork for an inaugural project for businesspeople to book on-site locations in New York City, Washington, DC, Chicago, Sydney and London.

Tinuku Airbnb and WeWork collaborate on corporate travel services

Airbnb and WeWork are reportedly collaborating on new service features for users who book rooms in the five cities to find a place in the nearby WeWork location of the inn. This latest step has been pioneered by Airbnb since the beginning of the year by adding Business Travel Ready tool.

The feature is expected to make it easier for business travelers to look for accommodations that can check in up to 24 hours and other supporting facilities such as workspaces, printers, meeting rooms, high speed Wi-Fi connection and fast response orders.

Airbnb estimates corporate travel has increased fourfold this year. Users rent rooms from Airbnb partners and can save space in WeWork's properties. The two confirm the partnership, but refuse to provide specifics about future programs or plans.

Airbnb currently has valuation of US$31 billion as the world's largest rental provider and WeWork has US$20 billion valuation as a joint workplace provider. Both companies cater to the appreciation of modern designs that are comfortable living in foreign homes or work.