Bitcoin touched $5293 as the latest record

Bitcoin touched US$5293 as the latest record in history. Bitcoin broke above US$5,000 for the first time on Thursday or rose as much as 8 percent on the day as investors are increasingly turning to cryptography for future currencies and ignoring warnings by some governments.

Tinuku Bitcoin touched $5293 as the latest record

Bitcoin prices are increasingly unstoppable as more and more investors see the digital currency as a truly independent monetary future, no intervention by any central bank or government.

Goldman Sachs considers offering bitcoin trade, rumors that China will reduce its restrictions, and the political crisis in Spain's Catalonia region is being watched by market watchers as the reason for the big rise.

On Wednesday Russian President Vladimir Putin warned of "serious risks" surrounding the cryptographic market, while the Russian central bank said it would ban a cryptourrency trading site. But that is not enough to frighten investors.

Bitcoin nearly reached US$5,000 in early September but fell sharply after JP Morgan's chief condemned the crypts as "cheating" and China forced the market to close, sparking fears of a wider crackdown.