Botika announces market expansion into social commerce chatbot plans to enter the social commerce market to facilitate the sellers in serving their respective customers. Chatbot startup headquartered in Yogyakarta which has been focused on travel, manufacturing and bank services is preparing for the expansion of market share in social commerce sector.

Tinuku Botika announces market expansion into social commerce chatbot

Botika CEO, Ditto Anindita, said their plan to utilize the social media platform for e-commerce services with a vision makes it easier for sellers to serve their respective customers. The startup claims to have had about 5.7 million total users from customers announcing plans to expand its market share.

Botika founded by Anindita, Galuh Sadewo, Vita Subiakto and Prima Kharisma in 2016 has owned large corporate clients including banks, insurers, power companies, airlines, television stations and others will serve chatbot platform for Facebook's Messenger, LINE, or Telegram users.

"As good and as easy as any existing system, many customers still want to make contact and ask to be served manually by customer service. This makes the customer service officers need us," said Anindita.

Anindita is also being intensely communicating with many companies to build chatbot services outside of the main business. Botika earn revenue by quoting fees imposed for each conversation served by their platform.

Another focus to be built is chatbot for social commerce or online buying and selling transactions that occur using social media like Facebook, Instagram, until WhatsApp. Online sellers will be easier in serving their customers using popular social media.

Currently in Indonesia has many startup that operates the platform for social commerce business, but Botika remains confident to compete with some additional services such as sentiment analysis and user profiling.

"We continue to develop chatbots to understand the various languages spoken by communities across the country," Anindita said.