Brosa raised new funds to bring online designers and kill IKEA raised US$4 million in Series B funds to bring designers and furniture retailers online. Australian startup will use new funds to get the designers close to the end buyers without having to visit showrooms, deal with sellers or deal with greedy companies like IKEA.

Tinuku Brosa raised new funds to bring online designers and kill IKEA

Brosa announced it has raised a Series B fund of US$3.9 million, led by AirTree Ventures with the participation of Bailador Technology Investments and BMY Group. Startup set up by Ivan Lim, Richard Li and David Wei in 2014 will use new funds to strengthen the integration of the furniture business and technology business.

"We put the furniture business and technology business in a container. They buy online, call or chat online with a stylist, order delivery time and monitor in real time," Lim said.

Brosa will disrupt the furniture ecosystem by removing offline showrooms, preventing dealings with sellers and cutting off greedy chains by companies like IKEA. The ecommerce platform aims to help customers find cool product designs on websites, buy at lower prices, and deliver them to their homes.

The startup has built software to automate and optimize the processes involved in designing and providing products, packing, and scheduling shipments to customers. Machine learning technology and data science will plan for future demand and gather more information about the products.

New funding will be used to improve technology and recruit teams in a variety of roles, including software engineering and management. Euromonitor International noted an upward trend in online furniture retail and global market worth US$13 billion in which online sales in 2016 have increased 13 percent to 6 percent of the total worldwide sales.