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Jala CEO Raynalfie Rahardjo talks about future of fishtech IoT makes the fishery more sexy as a future business opportunity of farmtech startup. CEO of Jala, Raynalfie Rahardjo, said the IoT device service allows to monitor pond water quality in realtime within 24 hours where the measurement and analytical data can be accessed through mobile or web based devices.

Tinuku Jala CEO Raynalfie Rahardjo talks about future of fishtech IoT

Jala said the fishery is gaining momentum and will become an increasingly big industry in the future. Rahardjo said archipelago countries such as Indonesia have enormous marine potential and diverse fishery resources.

Such a huge industry opportunity is evident from the vast availability of cultivation areas in the past six years. Farmtech will be a very potential business, although fishery startup is less popular than ecommerce and others.

Farmtech focuses on finding efficient solutions to problem solving as a primary goal rather than just following trends. IoT Implementation aims to help increase the productivity of aquaculture based data, analytical and access services in realtime using smartphones.

"Jala presents IoT devices to monitor the quality of pond water 24 hours in which data measurement results are accessed through mobile devices or web based," said Rahardjo.

The accumulation of data through the IoT device is the key for Jala to monitor the details of fish breeder problems and find appropriate solutions. Various types of data using IoT devices ranging from water quality, sanitation, feed scheduling and so on for more efficient aquaculture fisheries.

The presence of IoT for the fish farmers will also save the cost and human resource problems that are often encountered in developing countries. Data analysis continues to be developed as part of credit scoring for future financial services needs as Growpal developed.

Another goal of fishtech utilization is to seek sustainable food solutions for the needs of the wider community. Developing countries are still far from the use and processing of food sourced to the waters, especially from the scope of the pond.

Besides fishing activity on the high seas will cause many problems in the future. On the other hand, aquaculture is constantly being renewed to keep up with the growing level of public consumption, making it more sustainable. Fish is also more sustainable than cows, pigs, and chickens.

Rahardjo said the initial focus of Jala is to expand the adoption of IoT devices to the community. But beyond that, he does not reject the emergence of a larger social agenda for common interests. The development of this technology adoption has an economic impact more profitable society in the future.


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