CEFC, Vestas, Tesla, Windlab and Eurus built hybrid power

Australia's Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) announced the collaboration of Vestas Wind Systems A/S, Tesla Inc., Windlab Limited and Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation in wind, hybrid wind, solar and storage projects. Queensland Kennedy Energy Park is the world's first hybrid power project with 60 MW plant.

Tinuku CEFC, Vestas, Tesla, Windlab and Eurus built hybrid power

Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) on Thursday confirmed the development of wind power, solar, and hybrid energy of 60 MW in Australia. The AU$160 million Kennedy Energy Park project will be built in central North Queensland by Australia's Windlab and Japan's Eurus Energy joint ventures.

"This is a landmark project for Queensland and Australia, creating a new model for renewable energy that brings together the benefits of wind, solar and battery storage to overcome intermittency and improve reliability," CEFC Wind Sector Lead Andrew Gardner said.

Kennedy Energy Park will be the first wind, solar and storage hybrid generator connected to Australia's national power grid through a single connection point. Vestas will provide wind turbines for this project, while Tesla will supply batteries.

The plant will generate approximately 210,000 MWh of electricity per year or the equivalent to supply more than 35,000 homes in Australia. Energy is pooled into large batteries to reduce production costs and keep supplies stable for distribution in all weather conditions.

"This has been an enormously challenging yet important project for Queensland and Australia. It will demonstrate the importance of matching wind and solar generation to provide more predictable, reliable and low cost renewable energy," Windlab CEO Roger Price said.

"Successfully completing this project will also help unlock the enormous potential of Big Kennedy, the 1,200MW wind resource 80 kilometres north of Kennedy Energy Park that will be critical in balancing the large amounts of solar generation that is being added to the Queensland network," Price said.