Omer Bar-Yohay: The future is to meet Uber and Tesla in sky

Eviation Aircraft Ltd said the company's vision to build electric flight-sharing ecosystem was soon realized. Eviation Aircraft CEO, Omer Bar-Yohay, said it would not be long before booking a cheap aircraft service using a smartphone would be as easy as ordering Uber's landline service.

Tinuku Omer Bar-Yohay The future is to meet Uber and Tesla in sky

Eviation Aircraft is building an autonomous jet aircraft for the mission "meeting Uber and Tesla in the sky". Bar-Yohay says users use Uber services to regional airports, then smartphone apps call Eviation's electric plane for cheap travel to destinations hundreds of miles away.

"What will happen if Uber meets Tesla in the sky? I think the super-commuter is not so super anymore, you just go.That's the future," said Bar-Yohay.

The Israel-based startup took its debut at the Paris Air Show earlier this year with a small-scale prototype and intends to re-build a full-scale electric jet to carry passengers by 2019. The aircraft is designed to accommodate up to nine passengers and two crew.

Eviation Aircraft expects the aircraft to travel about 650 miles (1,050 kilometers). People do not have to have because the mode of transportation will send the plane to a small local airport to order using smartphone applications at a low cost.

"We're used to not having everything. Cost like a bus ticket. If you build an electric plane, the operational cost becomes very low," said Bar-Yohay.

"We will not compete Cessna because we are obviously cheaper per mile than they are. We here will steal clients from Ford, GM, Tesla and etc. It's the next blue ocean out there, on-demand flight market," said Bar-Yohay.

"We have been running at full speed for the past two years, I do not think it will be the winner of all, but it will be a winner for many things," Bar-Yohay said.

"Passengers will no longer spend hours in cars traveling hundreds of miles. An electric plane is called on demand to a small regional airport to drive passengers away at a fast and cheap rate," Bar-Yohay said.

Bar-Yohay says electrical components on electric planes are more reliable and only a fraction of the cost is comparable on traditional aircraft engines. Evolutionary tech batteries are scattered and easy to obtain.

"You do not need engines, electrical components naturally like this. No matter what hit you, some parts of the plane will have the power to keep you flying," Bar-Yohay said.