Sale Stock launched 'Try at Home' service

Sale Stock launched a 'Try It at Home' service as a strategy to build user trust. The women's mobile commerce startup headquartered in Yogyakarta is developing an innovation to combine online and offline shopping methods that allow shoppers to try on clothes and shoes to buy at home.

Tinuku Sale Stock launched 'Try at Home' service

Sale Stock Indonesia launches new service in e-commerce world by launching 'Try at Home' service. The women's fashion startup established in 2014 launched a service to customers to order products and try first at home when a courier came delivering the product.

"Try at Home service is the world's first new innovation, where customers can try fashion first at home before deciding to buy and pay at no additional cost. It's as if they like shopping in an offline store, "says CEO and Co-Founder of Sale Stock. Linga Madu.

"Our dream is to bring the online shopping experience to the door of the buyer's home. We hope women no longer feel anxious or worried when shopping online. Any purchases that have been made, may be tried in advance and can be returned immediately," said Madu.

Sale Stock has been conducting trials since September 8 and the service will be officially launched across the national territory. Customers only need to shop online as generally through merchants who work with Sale Stock.

When the parcels are delivered home, the courier will allow up to 15 minutes for the customer to try on the purchased outfit. Customers can return the disliked products right away via the same courier. Products that can be returned are clothing and shoes, not including cosmetic products, bags and underwear.