Sampah Muda converts garbage into new 'currency' builds service platform for buying and selling garbage. Startup headquartered in Semarang developing garbage business through digital-based system for anyone to help keep the environment for selling quickly and easily. The trading scheme allows every citizen to easily dispose of garbage and at the same time earn money for recycling.

Tinuku SampahMuda converts garbage into new currency

Sampah Muda was founded by Reanes Putra Tito and Ferrindo in 2015 to cut the long cycle of waste distribution from households and industries to the final shelters in big cities. Startup purchases inorganic garbage from the community for resale as recycled material.

"I have been struggling with garbage since 2013 when I was in college. Initially as a small collector, I collected garbage inside campus including paper waste, "said Tito.

Startups purchase paper, plastic, tin and other inorganic waste from agencies, offices, factories, households and individuals to be transported and resold to recycling plants. Sampah Muda collects profits by the buying and selling margin.

"Our initial focus is profit and social. Sampah Muda is not just buying and selling garbage, because it is a complex problem, it is related to the environment and health. We also educate the public about the importance of sorting through the garbage," said Tito.

"We are bridging between communities as waste producers and recycler companies. The chain of waste turnover system becomes more efficient and profitable to anyone, people who want to be an agent," said Tito.

Sampah Muda recruits agents to pick up garbage from the community. Tito said the conventional waste distribution system is very inefficient and has no more value. Sartup claims the modern system has more awareness about the importance of managing waste more useful and valuable.

"In the end not only educate people not to throw garbage in any place, but has reached the stage of mindset that garbage can be a new 'currency'," said Tito.