Star Jets International accepts bitcoin payments

Star Jets International LLC accepts bitcoin payments. The private jet company owned by Advanced Defense Technologies, Inc. announces a policy that allows customers to use cryptocurrency to take advantage of all the benefits of more than 20,000 jets worldwide.

Tinuku Star Jets International accepts bitcoin payments

The New York-based company is opening a bitcoin transaction in an effort to actualize services in the future. Star Jets CEO, Ricky Sitomer, says bitcoin is becoming an increasingly used payment method and companies will not be negligent to get involved.

"Bitcoin is becoming an increasingly accepted method of payment and we want customers to have the flexibility to pay through the exchange," said Sitomer.

Star Jets strives to take measures aimed at improving profitability and staying competitive in the digital age. Not many big players in the airline industry are starting to accept bitcoin. In May, Peach Aviation Ltd began accepting bitcoin payments as the first airline to receive digital currency in Japan.

Star Jets will join other global aviation services that receive bitcoin for airline tickets like Airbaltic, LOT Polish Airlines and more. Bitcoin payments by airlines are a step to follow the rapid growth in the use of cryptocurrency in the world of tourism.