Tumbas.in offers fresh groceries service from traditional markets

Tumbas.in brings instant groceries service delivery applications from traditional markets in Indonesia. Startup headquartered in Semarang developed an application as a marketplace platform connecting directly and facilitating online transactions of buyers and traders from traditional markets.

Tinuku Tumbas.in offers fresh groceries service from traditional markets

Tumbas.in builds an application that allows users to purchase groceries directly from traditional market traders. Buyers do not have to bother visiting the market to shop, they just order through the application where Tumbas.in will drive home.

"Prices are in line with the traditional market and foodstuffs will be delivered in less than an hour," said Tumbas.in founder Bayu Mahendra Saubig.

Startup was founded by Saubig, Muhammad Hasbi, Faozi, Tri Mituhu and Ade Prasojo in April 2017 which has a business scheme to connect traditional market traders and buyers. The app facilitates buyers who do not have the time to shop offline in traditional markets.

"We want to facilitate those who do not get to market. We provide solutions through this application. Users only order and fresh products are delivered directly to the house," Saubig said.

A wide range of fresh produce is offered in such applications such as meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, and other daily necessities. This app is newly available to Android users and can be downloaded in the Google Play Store. Tumbas.in will launch an ecosystem soon on iOS.

"It has been downloaded 3,700 times, 1000 active accounts and 100 weekly transactions, though it was launched in April 2017," Saubig said.

Tumbas.in takes income by quoting postage or price margin of some goods. Saubig said traders of traditional markets as partners willing to prepare products and Tumbas.in duty deliver orders to home buyers.