Veo Robotics raised $12 million to develop robot workers

Veo Robotics raised US$12 million to develop more efficient engine and human connections. Startups headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, announced Lux Capital, and Siemens's Next 47 have participated to develop more intuitive and semantic robotics systems for industrial applications.

Tinuku Veo Robotics raised $12 million to develop robot workers

Veo Robotics was founded by Patrick Sobalvarro, Clara Vu and Scott Denenberg in 2016 to provide AI-powered software that will tell the machine how to act and respond to humans in labor settings. The system is paired on hardware including GPU and distributed 3D sensors.

"We built semantic and integrated representation in which robots and humans are at work. Projecting future where the elements move within 100 milliseconds and using smart control to be responsive to human presence," Sobalvarro said.

"A human being will be bored and unhappy doing heavy work and repetitive movements. We want people to do things the way humans do, we want machines that will do hard work and repetitive things," Sobalvarro said.

Veo Robotics has been serving customers including the automotive packaging goods, consumer goods, and household appliance manufacturers. Sobalvarro said it would use new funds to further develop the product and expand the team of engineers. Currently they have nine employees.