Vestas looking for 1GW wind power in Philippines

Vestas Wind Systems A/S is looking for 1,000 MW in the Philippines. The world's largest wind turbine manufacturer headquartered in Aarhus is working on 1 gigawatt (GW) wind power project in the Philippines. Vestas Asia Pacific President Clive Turton says the company is currently working with a dozen customers eager to invest for more than 1,000 MW of wind power in the country.

Tinuku Vestas looking for 1GW wind power in Philippines

"We're working on dozens of projects here, we're looking at sources and connecting to the grid for future development. We have many customers waiting to be prepared with ongoing research and land acquisition," Turton said.

"If the government provides a clear policy structure, there will be an explosion in this country. They just need to make structure and investment clear. There are a large number of investors waiting with their checks to invest in green energy revolutions in the Philippines," Turton said.

Vestas earlier said the Philippines has the potential to become a leader in the Southeast Asian region during a clear policy on the development of the wind sector from the government. Turton says the country has the strongest wind source in the region.

"The Philippines will be a leader in ASEAN if they want.There is a great opportunity and we say the Philippines has a unique position, has a great opportunity to utilize wind power," said Turton.

Vestas said in June that the development of wind and solar energy in the Philippines was almost halted in the near future due to a policy vacuum following the full allocation of the first two rounds of feed-in tariff (FIT). So far 393.9 MW has been installed in the country under the FIT system.