Volkswagen invested $1.7b for e-Delivery electric trucks

Volkswagen AG invested US$1.7 billion to build buses and electric trucks due to increasing public concerns about air pollution. Volkswagen Truck & Bus set up a battery-powered truck assembly dubbed e-Delivery in Brazil in 2020, while an electric bus assembly line under the Scania brand adds to the bio-diesel and natural gas line-up.

Tinuku Volkswagen invested $1.7b to build e-Delivery electric trucks

Head of Volkswagen Truck & Bus, Andreas Renschler, on Wednesday said the company has set up new technologies including electric drivetrains, autonomous systems and cloud-based software. The company will collaborate with Navistar International Corp. to adopt electric drivetrain.

"We believe a variety of alternative powertrains and fuels depend on local availability, social demand and customer needs," Renschler said.

Volkswagen's fraud scandal has prompted many countries to ban diesel engines to reduce air pollution. Daimler AG has stepped up the development of an electric engine to maintain its lead and Tesla Inc. will announce battery powered trucks on November 16.

Renschler said better battery technology would be the key to making electric trucks more competitive as it lowers operating costs. Another problem is the charging system and large batteries that are very heavy and spend space.

"Electric trucks are expected to be a trend in 2020-2025," Renschler said.

Renschler says VW has all the options open to expand the business, including possible sale of shares. Increased 25 percent stake in China's Sinotruk Hong Kong Ltd owned MAN while extending cooperation with GAZ PJSC in Russia and Navistar in the U.S.