YouTube replaced traditional broadcasting in the US

YouTube has replaced traditional television broadcasting in the United States. Youtube's efforts to win the competition against traditional television stations in the living room finally come. Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, announced the results of research that says 70 percent of households watch YouTube on their television in the living room.

Tinuku YouTube replaced traditional broadcasting in the US

Pichai said a YouTube study conducted on households in the United States that having family-connected Internet television showed that 70 percent of them spend more time watching YouTube than watching traditional television.

"Youtube watched using family television for about 100 million hours per day. Whereas before YouTube more watched over the phone," said Pichai on Tuesday.

Previously, Youtube is not much watched on television where users prefer to watch the video clip via smartphone or laptop PC and destkop. YouTube provides more diverse content tailored to the tastes of users, video services are more dynamic and watchable anytime.

Analysts say it does not take long for YouTube to win the competition in shifting the behavior of television users. However, lately it is known that some traditional television stations actually have the YouTube channel as the official channel that aired the re-broadcast.

Google expanded the YouTube TV app to a bigger screen since it was first launched in April. This app is accessible via Android TV. YouTube TV subscribers enjoy streaming television broadcasts from new apps on Android TV devices like NVIDIA Shields or teleivisions with Android TVs including Sony and Xbox One devices.

Google has also announced new applications available for smart televisions such as LG, Samsung, Sony and Apple TV in the next few weeks. YouTube has also set up Live guides for large screens and designing YouTube TV to be managed with remote control of all types.