Zap&Go develops super fast charge carbon-ion battery

Zap&Go says it is developing carbon-ion alternative technology for super fast charging systems. The battery startup headquartered in Oxford said it would collaborate with China's Li-Fun Technology Co. Ltd. to begin production of carbon-ion batteries by 2018 that would allow scooters to charge within five minutes.

Tinuku Zap&Go develops super fast charge carbon-ion battery

Zap&Go says the company will enter into competition in the most lucrative auto industry market in the future by developing carbon-ion battery-based technology to charge electric cars faster, cheaper and safer than lithium-ion.

"Our plan in the next few years is to meet or exceed lithium-ion," said Zap&Go CEO Stephen Voller.

Governments around the world are increasingly limiting the use of fossil fuels for the next two decades. Automakers are rushing to develop electric charging technology so as not to lose market share and battery makers have reduced the lithium-ion battery charging time by just 30 minutes.

Voller said it will develop batteries using nanocarbons designed to fully charge in 5 minutes where electric car users will charge as fast as filling up gasoline on traditional cars. Zap&Go has original patents from the University of Oxford and has raised US$13 million for funding.

Other companies are also pursuing lithium-ion alternatives where Israel's StoreDot last month raised US$60 million Series C funding led by Daimler AG. StoreDot claims nanomaterials technology and exclusive organic compounds are able to fully charge any electric vehicle within 5 minutes.

Voller says most of the funding is from individuals through crowdsourcing and hopes to attract institutional investors in the future. The company is also developing an energy storage system from the grid without burdening the power supply.