Zunum Aero scheduled mass production of electric aircraft in 2022

Zunum.Aero powered by Boeing Co. and JetBlue Airways Corp scheduled electric hybrid aircraft into the market in 2022. A Seattle-based startup on Thursday said it had set up a small electric hybrid aircraft that dramatically reduces travel time and travel costs below 1,000 miles (1,600 km).

Tinuku Zunum Aero scheduled mass production of electric aircraft in 2022

Zunum Aero announced for mass production of aircraft using the power of two electric motors and accommodate 12 passengers by 2022. An additional gas engine and electric generator will be used to calculate 700 mile mileage.

Zunum co-founder Matt Knapp says the bigger airplane and 50 passengers will follow by the end of the next decade and the range will increase to about 1,000 miles as battery technology improves. The aircraft will eventually fly using only a battery and a pilot.

Zunum does not claim to be the first as a manufacturer of electric aircraft. They aim to fill the aviation market where private jets and commercial jets today have very expensive operational costs.

"The airline is desperate for how to fly closer and make more money. We lowered the operational costs of small planes for short distances. Aircraft of that type are currently absent," Knapp said.

Knapp says lightweight electric motors and carbon composite frameworks will reduce the cost of aircraft to about 8 cents per mile per hour or cut the cost by about a fifth of a small jet or turboprop. Last month EasyJet and Wright Electric also announced a collaboration to build an electric plane.

Zunum announced plans to build an electric hybrid plane in April. Boeing HorizonX and JetBlue Technology Ventures have invested in the initial round of funding. The aircraft has a speed of 340 miles per hour and at an altitude of about 25,000 feet (7,600 meters).