Airbus Vahana prepares for e-VTOL flight test

Airbus Vahana prepares for flight test at new headquarters in Eastern Oregon Regional Airport. The Airbus Vahana project, which aims to fly the prototype of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) electric aircraft by the end of this year and to be launched in 2020, has announced to immediately conduct flight tests.

Tinuku Airbus Vahana prepares for e-VTOL flight test

This week, the Airbus Vahana team will take a step closer to that goal by moving Vahana to the Pendleton Hangar with an area of 9600 sq. in Eastern Oregon Regional Airport. Vahana designed VTOL that is easily parsed and reassembled in less than a day.

The Vahana project requires no runway to carry two or more passengers and automatically detects and avoids other aircraft obstacles. Airbus believes in battery capacity and energy density is now sufficient for reliable air, low cost and avionics flights to the new UAV era.

The company leverages the capability of manufacturing and assembling automated composites to build light aircraft and is manufactured in high volume at a low cost compared to traditional aerospace manufacturing.

Today many startups and established companies are developing VTOL and preventing overcrowded road mobility. The electric aircraft is good enough to take 2 to 4 people into the flight for hours.