Airlander 10 will take luxury trip next year by Henry Cookson

Hybrid Air Vehicles announced Airlander 10 will undergo trials hosted by luxury travel company Henry Cookson Adventures next year. The London-based luxury adventure company hopes to fly clients wherever it wants to go and promises "a varied panorama such as the North Pole, Bolivian Salt Pans and Namib Desert".

Tinuku Airlander 10 will take luxury trip next year by Henry Cookson

Hybrid Air Vehicles headquartered in Hangar 1, Cardington Airfield, says Airlander 10 has the ability to stay for days in virtual silence where windows and fresh air on the floor and roof make the aircraft even more perfect to fly in incredible locations.

"I've flown Airlander a few times and I imagine the admiration and excitement of the passengers watching the world in luxury with stunning scenery and respect for the environment," said Dave Burns, an Airlander pilot.

Henry Cookson Adventures will be the first private outing company to fly Airlander 10 by 2018 and revolutionize the ultra-high-end tour. The aircraft has a luxurious interior where Hybrid Air Vehicles and Design Q have earned a grant of £60,000 for luxury tourism design development project.

Design Q is one of the leading independent design consultants with automotive and aviation clients around the world, including BAE Systems, Bombardier and Virgin Atlantic. Airlander 10 has length of 92 meters, wingspan of 44 meters and weights up to 20 tons.

"We are excited by the prospect of working on such a unique project, not just the world's largest aircraft but also with a completely new interior and providing an experience never seen before," said CEO and founder of Design Q, Howard Guy.

The world's longest plane dubbed 'flying bum' this early in the year conducted a staggering flight test. Hundreds of people gathered to watch Airlander 10 perform air maneuvers on a four-hour flight since takeoff from Cardington, Bedfordshire, England.

The large aircraft was badly damaged during a test flight on August 24 last year. Extensive improvements were made and the aircraft made it to the highest altitude. Hybrid Air Vehicles tested its fourth flight on Tuesday.

The plane reaches a height of 16,000 feet, speeds 80 knots and flies up to five days. Hybrid Air Vehicles hopes Airlander 10 will carry a 10 ton load and 60 passengers for a luxury commercial flight over the most amazing scenery in the world by 2019.