BantuTernak connects investors and breeders in an app connects investors and breeders to do business in a smartphone-based investment app that is easy. The farm startup headquartered in Yogyakarta builds a peer-to-peer based livestock platform to connect capital owners and ranchers who need capital.

Tinuku BantuTernak connects investors and breeders in an app

BantuTarnak is a livestock startup that began in January 2017 by farm student Ray Rezky Ananda and veterinary student Hanifah Nisrina to build a network that allows investors and farmers to do business easily.

"The number of breeders in Indonesia is declining due to the difficulty they get capital to buy cattle seeds, while the demand for beef market is getting higher," said Ananda.

Applications allow users to invest starting from Rp 10,000, then the startup will collect and if enough will be distributed for breeders to buy calves and feed. Cattle will be raised and after the period will be sold where the money as an investment gain.

BantuTernak investment mechanism is to give a cow every investor enters. Various types of investment offered from short-term program is five months. A cow with a package of Rp 12 million including feed and vaccination will be reared for five months for breeders to be sold.

"A cow with a package price of Rp12 million including feed and vaccination will be reared for 5 months for breeders to be sold. Sales profit will be shared to investors by 70%, breeders by 20%, and BantuTernak team by 10% "said Ananda.

"About 5 months, Bantuternak team will accompany the farmers in the process of fattening and updating the report to the investor. The profit can also be used to invest into other breeders or disbursed by bank transfer," said Ananda.

Applications allow investors to view profiles and select breeders, monitor developments through weekly report analysis describing livestock conditions, health status, weight, feed, vaccines, and estimated selling prices. Making this app takes 4 months before it was released on Google Playstore in January 2017.

The agtech startup competition is getting tougher in Indonesia where BantuTernak is not the only one. Angon is also headquartered in Yogyakarta has first developed the application of cattle and goat farms, while Growpal headquartered in Surabaya to develop coastal shrimp farms.