Björk sells Utopia album using only cryptocurrencies

Björk's latest album is only available through cryptocurrencies. Icelandic singer, songwriter, actress, record producer, and DJ have announced their latest album titled "Utopia" will be sold using virtual currency including bitcoin, litecoin, dashcoin, and audiocoin. Interestingly, the album can not be bought using a traditional currency.

Tinuku Björk sells Utopia album using only cryptocurrencies

Björk has announced to fans to buy the latest album using cryptocurrencies and partnered with London-based Blockpool within the B2B blockchain framework. The iconic avant-garde ninth album Utopia is expected to be released on November 24th where Björk allows four different virtual currencies.

Pre-order via the website or Björk's record label One Little Indian will receive 100 audiocoins, then can be converted to another cryptto. At this time the amount reached more than US$0.25 where the reward will be stored into an e-wallet made by Blockpool. Fans will get more audiocoin by sharing links to music and Björk merchandise on social media.

Blockpool said the current streaming service failed to give artists a fair income. The use of blockchain allows artists to receive payments from fans and fans will receive music on their gadgets. The system will cut the middleman where artists need not worry to earn a full income from album sales.

Björk marks a significant step as a great artist to support the use of virtual currency in recent years. In October 2015, Grammy Award-winning Imogen Heap released "Tiny Human" with Ujo Music's blockchain startup contract for sales using ethereum.