Go-Jek acquired minor stock in Bangladesh ride app Pathao

Go-Jek invested US$2 million to acquire a minor stake in Pathao that shares many similarities in the model and business challenges they operate. Indonesian ride-hailing unicorn invest in logistics startups headquartered in Dhaka and start a ride-hailing service as part of the Series A funding.

Go-Jek and Pathao share many similarities in the business model. Pathao was founded in 2015 by Hussain M. Elius, Shifat Adnan, and Fahim Saleh as a passenger and courier service using motorcycles. In 2015 they raise unspecified funding from Battery Road Digital Holdings.

Tinuku Go-Jek acquires minor stock in Bangladesh ride app Pathao

Go-Jek has also invested in HaloDoc headquartered in Jakarta to incorporate Go-Med drug delivery services. Go-Jek has also acquired several startups, including LeftShift, Pianta, C42 Engineering and CodeIgnition, MV Commerce, Loket and Midtrans.

Go-Jek was founded in 2010 by Nadiem Makarim and has become Indonesia's first unicorn. Until June 2016 has 200,000 drivers in major cities in the Indonesian archipelago.