Blibli acquired Indonesia Flight to compete Traveloka

Bibli has officially acquired Indonesia Flight startup as an effort to multiply the power to compete Traveloka. Indonesia Flight's CEO, Marcella Einsteins, confirmed Djarum's Bibli has fully acquired and has completed all its dealings with previous investors.

Blibli on June 12, 2017 has also made an acquisition of's online travel startup. The strategic move is the latest effort of the giant for fierce competition on ticket booking services and other hotels such as Traveloka. and Indonesia Flight is actually a sister company where both have the same angel investors.

Tinuku Blibli acquired Indonesia Flight to compete Traveloka

"In the discussion regarding the acquisition of Blibli on Tiket, there was no talk of us. The founders decided to take over their share ownership and become an independent startup," Einsteins said.

Indonesia Flight utilizes a lot of inventory from, but has tried to reduce their dependency gradually by dealing directly with airlines and hotel owners. Marcella said they are currently in the process of merging the team.

"We will run as usual. But now we are helping More to the team merger for resource efficiency," said Einsteins.

Indonesia Flight is one of the first startup in Indonesia to provide air ticket purchasing service through mobile application. Founded in 2012 and currently they claim to have an annual income of Rp500 billion (US$37 million).